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Liv 4 You 2: Journal Giftset


"Even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters; the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower."

Liv 4 You 2: Jumbo decorative paperclips in gold color.

Behind the Brand

Hello all of you beautiful beings! I’m Andréa, owner and creator of Liv 4 You 2.

Following the birth of my daughter, she became special needs, so I quit my career in
finance to care for her fulltime.  After years of being an amazing caregiver for her, I realized that I was not taking care of myself; self-care was nowhere to be found on my radar.

After becoming mindful that I was operating out of autopilot daily, I created a 12-month
Guided Manifestation Journal and Vision Board, which combines thought provoking
prompts like a guided journal, but also a de-constructed vision board, making
life goals more attainable. My book provides some of the “handholding” needed
for transformation, along with independence and accountability to sustain the
life you desire.

A few years after becoming a certified Reiki Healer, I soon wanted to find a way to combine Reiki with sound bath experiences. Much like combining a guided journal with a vision board for my Manifestation Journal, I like to infuse sound baths with Reiki. My intention is that sound assists with remaining in the present moment during
Reiki healing, thus providing an even more enjoyable, relaxing, cleansing, mindful, and all-around full circle experience.

After years of thought, formulation, and testing, Liv 4 You 2 has expanded into Home+ Body self-care and now offers “low-tox” items to further expand your luxury
self-care journey. Some of the items that we now offer are phthalate-free
candles & room sprays, luxury body butters & lotions, hand-made artisan body soap, and much more.

I infuse all finished products with Reiki and program them for the highest intention of the receiver; you.

All I do is with the intention of helping you to “Find Your Light that Shines Within.”

With much Love & Light,